We can open your personal account, make amendments to your personal account essential elements, register share purchase, inheritance, donation, exchange, sale of shares and transition of the rights for shares due to the court decision. As a result of executing a request procedure you can be granted information from the register. We also make entries into the register about encumbrance of securities by obligations and about blocking operations on personal account.

Besides, in accordance with the Federal Law about Joint-stock companies of 26.12.1995 № 208-FL (further in the text- the Law) you can independently carry out the following rights:

Having any number of shares you can:

  • Take part in the joint shareholder meeting ( further in the text- the Meeting) in person or through your representative
  • Get acquainted with the information provided to the shareholders while preparing for the Meeting
  • to appeal in court against the decision taken by the Meeting, violating the requirements of the current Russian legislation and the Company Charter in case the shareholder did not take part in the Meeting or voted against taking the decision, thus the decision violates his rights and legitimate interests.
  • Advantages while purchasing additional shares (and issue securities, converted into shares)through an open subscription in proportion to the number of shares you possess.
  • Advantages while purchasing additional shares ( and issue securities, converted into shares) through a closed subscription, if the shareholder voted against the placement, or if he did not take part in the voting, in proportion to the number of shares he possesses, in case integer number of shares to be placed are available to purchase( or any other issue securities, converted into shares)
  • To receive dividends in proportion to the amount of shares. The order and terms of payment are stipulated by the joint shareholder meeting.
  • To acquire part of the company assets in case the Company is liquidated in proportion to the amount of shares.
  • Access to the Company documents, get their copies for some fee.
  • In cases stipulated by the Law to request buyback of some amount or the whole bulk of the shares he possess by the Company

In the order and on terms stipulated by the Law there is the right:

  • Having not less than 1% joint equity stake to obtain a whole shareholder list of the Company for some fee. First name, second name , middle name, amount of shares.
  • Having not less than 2% joint equity stake you put forward a proposal on the annual Meeting agenda, to propose candidates to the Company bodies.
  • Having not less than 10% joint equity stake to request holding an extraordinary meeting , check of financial and economic activity of the company by audit commission.
  • Having not less than 25% joint equity stake to get access to the Company accounting.
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